Career Opportunities

Baumy Media is an out-of-home advertising and technology placement agency located in Arabi, Louisiana. Founder Richard Baumy's interest in screen-focused technology stems from his lifelong fascination with technology’s adaptive capabilities. As he watched the world digitize, Baumy Media became a natural solution for connecting businesses with the technology needed to stand out in today's competitive markets.

Growth Opportunities

Dedicating the necessary time and resources to our employees' growth is one of our main principles at Baumy Media. We're proud to have a work environment where many of our team members have advanced into management positions.


Our values, policies, and leadership are laser-focused on creating a positive work environment. Ensuring that our employees can collaborate efficiently and stay engaged with the wide variety of industries we operate in helps to create a positive work culture.


We understand that great employees deserve great benefits. We're happy to offer our employees a benefits package that surpasses industry standards to keep a competitive edge.

Our Values

At Baumy Media, we focus on bringing modern solutions to the decade-old advertising industry. Researching the newest tech, improving our current services, and working with our customers to deliver the best ROI possible. We're a close-knit team that works together to achieve our goals and to continue to do this; we need passionate and bold people.

Trust & Respect